About the Queens

Destiny Fulfilled Co. LLC

About the Queens

 Destiny Fulfilled Co. is a women's empowerment company that aims to empower, inspire and unite all women. Enjoy our online retail store "Glam Shop" with our Queenin' and AWE merchandise, annual service project "Ultimate Prom Glam" which assists young women on their Prom Night and the Queen Tour series that takes place at different universities and cities. We recently added our new "Innovative Consultation" service by Miss CEO to provide full marketing/branding strategies to young entrepreneurs. 

The company was founded in 2011 by Destiny Feemster, Miss CEO, and became a registered LLC in November 2016. Feemster is a 23 year old graduate of North Carolina Central University (BBA Marketing & Finance), current Gardner Webb University IMBA candidate and Innovation Consultant for business consultations. She created the company to develop a Qualified Unique Educated Enthusiastic Network for women to flourish. 

We look forward to you Queens joining our journey ! 

Instagram: @destinyfulfilledincorped